About our company

Our mission
« As the leader in organic greenhouse production and a privileged partner of food distribution networks, we produce certified organic tomatoes that meet the highest quality standards. »
Installations de serres jardins nature Growing only certified organic tomatoes for the food distribution industry, Serres Jardins Nature maintains its leading position as Canada’s largest producer of organic tomatoes. We produce two varieties of organic tomatoes, beefsteak and tomatoes on a vine.

Serres Jardins-Nature is the result of a group effort by a multidisciplinary team of five partners whose goal is to become a leader in the production of superior quality organically grown greenhouse produce and they are committed to meeting market demand while contributing to the well-being of the population.

Founded in 2000, the company owns a greenhouse complex of 12000 m² that exclusively produces certified organically grown tomatoes. Harvesting and marketing take place from March to December each year and the total volume produced is distributed across the five eastern Canadian provinces and the north-eastern and mid-western United States.

With a high production capacity, Serres Jardins-Nature continues to be the most important producer of organically grown tomatoes in Canada.

Mass produced high quality tomatoes

SymbiosisA member of Les producteurs biologiques Symbiosis inc., the most important association of organic horticulture producers in Quebec, Serres Jardins-Nature markets its tomatoes under the Symbiosis brand name that is certified by ECOCERT CANADA. Symbioisis tomatoes can be purchased at Sobey’s, Métro, A&P, in addition to specialized markets that offer organically grown products.

Furthermore, following an agreement concluded with the Loblaws chain of grocery stores in 2003, Serres Jardins-Nature produces organically grown tomatoes under the brand name of President’s Choice Organic Produce that is certified by QAI. These tomatoes can be found in Loblaw stores in the Maritimes, Quebec and Ontario.

Modern equipment

Serres Jardins-Nature has the longest production schedule for organic tomatoes in Quebec. Our up-to-date equipment allows for a large quantity and superior quality production.

The challenge of organically grown produce

Mise en terreOrganic tomatoes are grown in soil and nourished with compost. By comparison, hydroponic tomatoes are cultivated in a substrate that supplies plants with liquid chemical fertilizers to add flavour to the fruit. In organically grown produce, the exchange of nutritive elements and energy between the soil and the tomato plants gives the fruit the characteristics that are sought after in terms of natural taste and smell.

As knowledge develops and as productivity improves, the greatest challenge for organic greenhouse producers is market and consumer recognition for the particularities of organic production. The price of certified organic produce is justified when one considers all the requirements that must be attained to ensure that a product passes from the soil to the consumer’s table.

A leader in the conquest of markets

Development and innovation are the priorities of the team at Serres Jardins-Nature. Various experiments are underway to increase productivity and develop knowledge in organically grown greenhouse production. Among these experiments is production using artificial lighting to ensure a year-round supply of organically certified tomatoes for mass markets. Once a year-round production of certified organically grown tomatoes is achieved with artificial lighting, Serres Jardins-Nature will be the first Canadian producer to offer certified organic tomatoes all year long.

The importance of quality

L'attention portée aux semisObtaining high quality standards is based on the equilibrium between the plant and its environment. The experienced team of Serres Jardins-Nature nurtures their plants and give them all the care required to attain product quality objectives. Experimental research is also integrated to the production operation and permits the rapid application of results that increase productivity.

Development potential

The market for organic products in Canada and around the world has maintained a growth factor of 20% per year. This interest in organics by mass markets constitutes an opportunity for Serres Jardins-Nature Inc.

Consistent production and the quality of the products delivered are the major challenges for mass market distribution. From the very beginning, Serres Jardins-Nature has been dedicated to meeting market demand. By positioning the company among the leaders of superior quality greenhouse organic produce, the company is now an undeniable leader in the organic food industry.

Packaging and Transportation

L'emballage et l'expéditionWe place an emphasis on the grading and packaging of our tomatoes. Each fruit is inspected and graded according to size. Our produce is shipped by trucks that ensure optimal temperature conditions during transportation. Deliveries are made according to client requirements.

Serres Jardins-Nature, a reliable partner

For more than seven years, Serres Jardins-Nature has fulfilled its mission of being a reliable producer of organic tomatoes for the large distribution networks. Serres Jardins-Nature listens to its clients and places an emphasis on a solid, efficient and problem-free business relationship.

The company is in the process of implementing a HACCP certification. This certification will not only allow Serres Jardins-Nature to meet these standards of this certification, but to progress and validate the very high level quality of its production.

The quality of the organic tomatoes produced by Serres Jardins-Nature is a unquestionable value for your clients. It is our pledge!